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Wix Social Posts

Web & Mobile App UX


Tools used: Sketch, Invision, After Effects


Social Posts is a tool available in the Wix Marketing Tools suite. A fun drag-and-drop editor lets users create graphics that will catch attention on social media.


After the Social Posts editor was launched, I was asked to create the social sharing experience for Desktop and later Mobile, too. This facilitates users to save or share their graphic on Facebook and Instagram.

Example graphics created with the Social Posts tool


In the age of social media, sharing experiences can be found in most every app or website, and few common patterns have emerged for posting different types of content on Facebook, Instagram.

Here, a seemingly simple experience became challenging for two reasons:


Unexpected API changes from the Facebook platform created sharing limitations on both Facebook and Instagram. During the product and wireframes stage, we had to maneuver the ever changing limitations to create a different solution for each social network. The first experience was for sharing to personal Facebook profiles, the second for sharing to Facebook business pages, and a third for sharing to Instagram the mobile native app. Each means of sharing would be different, so the same user could potentially go through two or three sharing flows in one session.

The second challenge the technical changes posed was that the user would have to complete the sharing of a post on the social network natively. We could not facilitate the experience from end-
to-end inside our UI. For non-tech savvy users, we had to help bridge this gap as much as possible.

The sharing solution featured different experiences for Facebook and Instagram sharing.


The web product was launched first, and a lot was learned from this launch. The most important KPI for the share experience was the share rate (users who shared their posts after creating them).

After launching, we used user session recordings and BI data to optimize the web sharing experience further. We planned the mobile experience using the learnings from the web experience, increasing velocity.

The web and mobile experiences in Wix each use a different UI library, as is shown below.


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