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Illustrations, animations, and visual elements are underestimated tools for achieving a variety of goals. 

I am not an illustrator, nor am I an animator- thankfully at, I had the privilege of getting help from the pros for commissioned in-house work to improve many projects of mine.

Here are a few of my favorite collaborations.


The Video Maker is tool launched to facilitated small business owners to create promotional videos in just a few simple steps. I designed the homepage of the product, seen below.

My team understood from churn data and user session recordings that there was a level of confusion upon people's first time in the product. We realized through user interviews that it wasn't clear that the video presets shown were videos (they only become animated on hover or click). We decided to add an animated card at the top of the homepage that would appear the first few times the user entered the product.

An A/B test found that this first time card increased clicks and video creation.

Animator: Gur Margalit. Designed by me.


Even inconvenient technical limitations can be reframed as a moment to delight and educate within a product.

Part of the onboarding of the Facebook Ads product included a 30 second loader, necessary for the technical set-up as part of the backend. This could not be removed or shortened any more than that, so we used it as an opportunity to explain some of the magic of our product.

Illustrator: Diana Propkin. Animator: Gur Margalit


As part of the efforts to get ahead of the competition and be best in class for Search Engine Optimization amongst competitors and website management systems, Wix rolled out a suite of advanced SEO products, bundled as SEO Tools.

In addition to two of the tools, I designed the homepage for the toolbox. I think the use of illustration here was important to explain abstract concepts visually.

Illustrator: Shay Zucker

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